❤ 1 month mixed IEF, stock ❤

On 08/10/2014

hama sorts by color

I did not think I would have found time to publish a review blog post about ief mixer with the school since we started already a month. I thought this experience is made ​​strenuous pass as a letter in the mail in our daily schedule. After school, after homework, we take an hour to learn by playing (a good time). Just as Wednesday afternoon is devoted to the toy library on Friday evening at the library and weekend outings to relax while staying cultural.

For me the game library and the library are two important sites that help you learn without realizing it and it's free. The child is in an external location to the daily, he meets other children and thus can play with them using different from those at home has tools. Each time, he returned with four new games, it allows them to be more satisfied now.