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❤ 2,7km around the pond of gruellau in Loire Atlantique❤

On 09/07/2018

Randonnee etang de gruellau 13

Thursday, on a whim, I took my children to the pond Gruellau.
We love this place for its rich ecosystem but we never took the time to go around the pond.

❤ A lunch at Auberge Bretonne Châteaubriant ❤

On 31/05/2016

L auberge bretonne a chateaubriant 13

We are fortunate to live in a country (France) that is known for its good food.
Many of country we want for our gourmet meals and our very talented chefs.
Then we French, we like to eat, at least this is my case.

❤ I love Châteaubriant ❤

On 29/05/2016

Chateaubriant voyage de presse

If you read me a few months, you know I love my adopted city undoubtedly is Chateaubriant.
It is through this passion that was born there nearly 10 years that I have created this blog, I wanted to break the sometimes negative image that you can have this beautiful city.
I had an external eye and I always have.

In Kitchen

Small brioche (recipe)

On 23/05/2016

Brioche individuelle recette rapide 1

Right now, I run after time, I feel like to do it for weeks and yet I do not want to crack during gouters breaks over packet pre packed cakes.
I will not succumb to the easy when there are rapid, basic recipes that appeal to kids.

❤ My version of Snow White in Disney lifestyle ❤

On 12/05/2016

Blanche neige dinsey 7

I do not leaf through a lot of blog and I do not spend much time on Pinterest but the Instagram application on me a great influence.
It had been several days, I had seen some pictures Natacha bird had made on his blog for Disney lifestyle and his last share on Instagram made me want to participate.

❤ Have a chicken coop in his garden ❤

On 06/05/2016

Poule chateaubriant poulailler

You know, it's been almost three weeks I have a chicken in my garden.
You could see pass the information here or in the magazine 30 days in the country of Chateaubriant.
I have not told you more time
because I wanted to take time to live with my chickens before you get a feedback.

❤ 32 things that changed in my life (zero waste) ❤

On 22/04/2016

Bocaux le parfait

Around me, I am known to be hyper active whether in the life of every day life or in my projects, so this was also the case in my new lifestyle of zero waste and minimalist.

❤ My little ballerinas in blue Pisamonas ❤

On 20/04/2016

Pisamonas chaussures femme 5

Right now, I'm in this minimalist lifestyle where I spend the least money in material goods and so I used the maximum the shoes I had bought at the market, there are only four months .

In Kitchen

❤ My first veggie burger ❤

On 18/04/2016

Hamburger vegetarien zero waste 6

Lately, I said that I had already done me so many things in my little life as soon as I get tired and I would not find anything to tell here.

But now, my new way of life that is more natural, allow me again to try new things and make small dreams that almost cost a nothing like imagining and eating my first vegetarian burger.

❤ Plasticine in jars (zero waste and minimalism)❤

On 15/04/2016

Play doh bocaux pate a modeler zero dechet 1

As in many homes where there are children at home, there were a few pots of dough to shape the play doh brand that was lying in a closet.
I would prefer that my kitties playing with dough made by my hands but their was offered by my surroundings and it is out of question I then throw the dough is in excellent condition.

❤ The rechargeable detergent (zero waste)❤

On 14/04/2016

Liquide vaisselle biocoop 4

The dish soap home, I had already done HERE at the beginning and I was fine with time, I realized that there are things like the texture that did not suit me.

❤ Vegetables and me: a beautiful story ❤

On 13/04/2016

Mes legumes bio zero dechet 6

In April, I started my third month in lifestyle zero waste, minimalist and company.

That makes more than two months that I buy in the hive that says yes , kilos and kilos of vegetables at one time for the entire month.

❤ My Instagram is at the limit of 100% instafood ❤

On 29/02/2016


3 weeks ago I eat 99% organic and I fight to consume the most local possible, my limit is Instragram become a instafood.
A instafood is a picture that shows a dish or food and although I watch tons.

❤ Chiner 2 euros in his pocket ❤

On 09/10/2014


Whoever told me that China does nothing with two euros in his pocket will surely be surprised to see my lovely vintage swag yesterday.

Aigle boots for son, a Bella doll, album No.1 Candy, a captain flam 1981 book for baby, two pastel pots and furniture to flower break which was kindly give me.

Then little more than a domino game for my youngest on the theme of animals and she adores.

Yes you can hunt many things with only a two-euro coin in his pocket and without negotiating in the town of Paimpol.

❤ 1 month mixed IEF, stock ❤

On 08/10/2014

hama sorts by color

I did not think I would have found time to publish a review blog post about ief mixer with the school since we started already a month. I thought this experience is made ​​strenuous pass as a letter in the mail in our daily schedule. After school, after homework, we take an hour to learn by playing (a good time). Just as Wednesday afternoon is devoted to the toy library on Friday evening at the library and weekend outings to relax while staying cultural.

For me the game library and the library are two important sites that help you learn without realizing it and it's free. The child is in an external location to the daily, he meets other children and thus can play with them using different from those at home has tools. Each time, he returned with four new games, it allows them to be more satisfied now.