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Right now, I'm in this minimalist lifestyle where I spend the least money in material goods and so I used the maximum the shoes I had bought at the market, there are only four months .

Already after two months, I felt they were beginning to let go, disappointment even if it was only a pair 15 €.
Then they completely sold me 3 months ....
They were irreparable, to me who prefers to repair than to buy, fleeting volunteer some companies makes me mad.
Then I saw pairs of shoes my Children, the Pisamonas daily bet, hold since November and December and I thought that it might be a brand that promotes quality to profitability.
So I ordered this small pair of blue ballerina, received within 72 hours and paid only € 15.
They come from Spain, unfortunately for France but it is in Europe.
They are beautiful, they have a vintage side, retro pleases me and I hope that I would make a good year with them, maybe more.
I take care to clean them daily, I intend repair when they are a little worn, they will go to the shoemaker surely occasionally because my lifestyle minimalist and zero waste advocates repair and non overconsumption, certainly can be slightly more expensive than the pair of shoe itself but it's so good to protect his planet with simple gestures.

You have already tested the shoes in Pisamonas Women?
You repaired where you bought you?

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