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The dish soap home, I had already done HERE at the beginning and I was fine with time, I realized that there are things like the texture that did not suit me.

So from my perspective of life zero waste and minimalist, I looked for an alternative that does not take my head either, since it is not the purpose of this lifestyle and I turned recently to the product rechargeable dishes.
I found my dish soap in my biocoop for 2.55 euros with the can and when I'm done, I would just go back to complete the 2.23 euro area.
This is a small economy but if we consume a bottle a month, it's been almost 4 euros saved per year and that's good for the planet.
The rechargeable version allows me to make my life easier, not to invest in various components to create my homemade version, it saves me time and also even if the bottle is plastic, it will last for several years without any problems.
I enjoyed the product itself, it does not damage my hands and little enough to make a dish so here it is adopted.
I just dream version where the plastic can be replaced by a glass bottle ^^

And you have chosen anything for your detergent?

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