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In April, I started my third month in lifestyle zero waste, minimalist and company.

That makes more than two months that I buy in the hive that says yes , kilos and kilos of vegetables at one time for the entire month.

That makes sixty days where in my kitchen, there are the vegetable dishes.

This was a great challenge for me to cook his food there, to put in the dishes because I've never been a fanatic pulses to be honest I hated it.

Then gradually, at table, we saw vegetables at every meal, I started to love and love to the children.

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We have the chance to eat seven different vegetables and seasonal food by now: leeks, chard, cabbage, spinach, radish, carrots and turnips.

It takes a lot of time to cook vegetables but â Eventually, I found a trick that saves me lots of time and that keeps me from losing my vegetables I cooked all, bleached, blends and frozen portion in jars freezers. It lost some flavor but it especially helps me not to let them rot. And then I did just having fun with them, I test new recipes, I invented and I think I've never had so much fun in the kitchen. Less one eats less meat and more vegetable. I started with recipes that appeal to children: vegetable fritters, vegetable omelette, vegetable gratin, vegetable lasagna etc. Finally with vegetables in their natural state without being masked or transformed once the plate.

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Now, we do eat meat twice a week against every meal there are still two months only. I think that was the biggest challenge I had to face in the zero waste lifestyle and I have done quite well. It just took me time to get to know, to learn to cook, to find the right seasonings and varied recipes.

Vegetables and me is now a great love story, but who would have thought?

And you love to cook and eat vegetables?

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